Technical Info

Set-up: 60 minutes
Tech Check: 30 minutes
Strike: 30 minutes

The Venue

The room should be as intimate as possible, with the stage facing the length of the room. For optimum sight lines, more rows going deeper into the room are better than wide rows. Near the stage, shorter rows and/or fewer tables are better.

Stage Dimensions/Details

24’ Wide x 16’ Deep is ideal. 16’ Wide x 12’ Deep is acceptable; 12’ Wide x 8’D is bearable. All sections of risers should be well secured from below. All seams on surface of stage should be taped.

Stage Height

Three feet high is ideal. Two feet high is acceptable. Performance on floor, with audience of 60 or less, is tolerable. Pipe and drape on floor behind stage and angled off to each side is ideal. Stage should be set up near a wall, away from entrance.

Dinner seating

The tables closest to the stage should be set up ten to twelve feet from the front of the stage, not too far off to the sides. Tables can fan out wider as they go back.

The ideal seating arrangement is theater style…

with rows of chairs in a slightly curving semicircle, with the front row approximately ten to twelve feet from the front of the stage. The first row should be only slightly longer than the stage is wide. Each successive row can be longer by two chairs.

Tables/Chairs to be used on stage

Two armless chairs and two tables of equal height, six feet or eight feet each in length, will be used on stage. One eight foot table will suffice on small stage.


General house lighting is sufficient. If stage lighting is available, a warm general wash, from the front, high sides, with some pale pink and/or pale amber gels is ideal. A total of four to six instruments, two or three on each side, is sufficient. Two lighting stands should be placed eight to sixteen feet in front of stage, and off to each side. House lights over the audience should be at approximately 50% intensity during the performance.


With dinner seating, or audiences of more than 100 people, one hand-held cordless mic, or one hand-held mic on long cord is requested. There are no other music, sound, or AV needs unless specified at a later date.



Rob Faust’s Speeches and Keynote Addresses are low tech and high impact! For best viewing and client satisfaction, Mr. Faust always asks for ideal set-up, but is very adaptable and can work in almost any situation.