Workshops & Residencies

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Mask Movement Theatre Workshop


These sessions involve theatre and movement exercises, character development, improvisations with masks, and the creation of short sketches.


  • Provide an opportunity for participants to experience first-hand the power of transformation through masks.
  • Foster awareness of the importance of movement, posture, and gesture on stage and in life.
  • Facilitate improved self-image and self-expression.
  • Improve strength, flexibility, and focus.


  • Space: Open area, studio, with mirrors if possible, or stage with ample room for each participant to move.
  • Clothing: loose fitting, sweats, or dance wear, bare feet, or comfortable shoes.


  • 60 minutes or as prearranged


  • Ages 10 through adult; 25 people maximum




Students will sculpt in clay, working toward the completion of an expressive face from which they can later create a finished mask.  We will focus on sculpting a face with specific emotional content that will project well from all angles.  Students are encouraged to attend a FAUSTWORK performance.


In only one session, the students will experience immediate success in creating “something from nothing” and will thereby gain an enthusiasm for working in clay, as well as a greater appreciation for masks and sculpting in general.

Materials Per Student

(To be provided by sponsor / school)

  1. 8-10 lbs. of water-based modelling clay; used pottery clay is good, cheapest.
  2. A tray or flat piece of wood approximately 14″ x 14″ to work on.
  3. A small block of wood or crumpled newspaper wrapped with masking tape, to serve as an          armature. (Half of a Styrofoam wig head would be ideal).
  4. Sculpting tools or improvised tools.
  5. Plastic (bag or sheet) to wrap work in when finished.
  6. Hand mirrors or larger, if available, to use while sculpting.


  • 60 minutes, or as pre-arranged


  • Ages 10 through adult; 25 people maximum. School or sponsor will provide helpers.

Residency Activities*


A wide variety of residency activities can be designed to meet the needs of individual sponsors or schools.

*Residency activities can also be designed for individual sponsors or schools.